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A look back at the past 6 months

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Disclaimer: This post is mainly a post of reflection and do not contain data-backed analysis on either property or stock.

This blog was created in December 2019.

With the blog hitting the 6 months mark this month, I thought it is a good point of time for me to do some reflections and briefly summarise what's going on in this blog for the past 6 months.

Since the beginning, the main objective behind this blog is to provide more data-based articles on general investing in stocks and properties for the general public. This objective stems from my observation that there aren't many blogs which focus on deriving data-based insights for the general public in the area of investing. In the area of stock investing, opinions are plenty but few really took a deep dive into the data (prices, technical indicators, sentiment analysis etc) to provide data-based analysis/insights for the general public to ponder upon when making decisions.

And this is probably even more true for the property scene where I personally think that is a huge information gap for the buyers/sellers. As buyers/sellers, most of us do not really have a lot of data or data-based insights with us when we are purchasing/selling/investing in properties. Sure, you get a lot of listing information everywhere on the web but you could hardly find any information on trends or historical performance. Most of the information available is focused on selling you the property instead of feeding you data-based insights.

For the property agents, there is also a lack of affordable property insights or visualisations for them with most of the current options being too costly.

Being an avid reader of many financial/investment blogs myself (fyi, i'm not an insurance or property agent), I then decided to create #datascienceinvestor to provide more of such data-based analysis/insights for everyday people like me to learn to look at data a bit more closely and draw certain references in it for property or stock investing.

When I first started, I thought I was pretty much writing to myself and have very low expectations on people being actually interested in my works. Thankfully, there are people who found interest in what I'm writing. At least, there are now around 400 individuals who are interested in my random musings and subscribed to my blog contents. Along the way, some of them from different walks of life (property agents, consultants, fellow bloggers, tech people etc) wrote to me and that sparked off some really great ideas and learning for me. Not to forget, some friends are definitely made in the journey.

Taking a look at the content I have created in the past 6 months, I thought it will also be good to briefly categorise them into different segments here so that new readers could have a quick glance on what's there to offer in this blog.

Thought articles on investing

Trend investing articles (heavy in technical)

STI Visualisation

Property Interactive Maps

Property Insights

Of course, there is more content than those stated above and you are welcomed to explore for yourself in this blog.

Moving forward, what will be expected from this blog?

Creating good data-based content will still be the mantra. In the area of property, I will be looking at creating more interesting tools or visualisations to aid you in your property research, coupled with some of the interesting property insights I have uncovered. In the area of stocks, I will be looking at discussing more technical-related topics (eg. quant science/ data-based modelling). Some sharing of portfolio's performance based on the algorithm which I created may also be published.

At the same time, there will also be both free and premium content for the readers. Content such as thought articles, basic versions of visualisation tools which I created, certain property insights etc will still be made available free to all. Premium content such as more advanced version of visualisation tools, portfolio selection by the model/trading algorithm etc will be made available to patrons ( at a very minimal fee. These premium content are usually more specialised in nature and may suit the needs of some readers.

No matter what, rest assured that there is content available here for everyone.

If you like to, you may also like to consider joining the Facebook group here ( I will usually share some interesting articles here. Active polls and discussions will also be conducted for sharing purposes between members.

Given that you have read so far, I presume that you probably have interest in what I'm writing and I like to request for you to provide a quick feedback in the poll below.

This poll will allow me to better steer this blog towards the direction it will be taking in the future and I hope for your participation.

Till the next time.

Last but not least.. please scroll down and subscribe for regular content if you like what you read!

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