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Singapore Private Condominium Interactive Map- Data Science Investor

Updated: May 30, 2020

You often hear people saying that location is the key to the value of any property. Inspired by a recent conversation I have with one of the readers, I decided to put some thoughts into understanding what's the best way to showcase the relationship between the distance of a property and its value.

And I guess there is no better way to do that than to do an interactive map.

Built from publicly available tools such as geocoding services from Google and map services from OneMap, this interactive map which I created aim to provide you with the following information.

1) How expensive a condominium project is in terms of $psf

The more affordable a condominium project is, the greener the bubble for the condominium project is.

The more expensive a condominium project is, the redder the bubble for the condominium project is.

Color changes from green to red when it cross the average $psf across all condominium projects in Singapore- which is $1431psf

2) How many transactions the condominium project have in the past 3 years

The bigger the bubble is, the higher the number of transactions the condominium has in the past 3 years.

3) The finer details- such as tenure, average psf, district etc

When you hover around any of the bubbles, you will get the details (as seen above).

Now, try it out below!

Use the interactive cursors to aid you in finding your area of interest.

Updated and full version of this interactive map together with new filters functionalities and any other future insights will be available for the patrons

While you are here, please also refer to Singapore Private Condominium Guide for detailed analysis for each of these districts.

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Thanks Derek! Shall add in more information in this map as the time goes by :) Tableau has been really useful for a lot of data visualisation work. There has been some Tableau work on COVID visualisation going around recently. As long as you have a mental image of what you want to show, I’m sure Tableau could help out in some way or so. And most importantly, it’s user friendly!


Hi Jason,

Congratulations. You out did yourself again. Perhaps the next step is to extend to HDB and all other private property.

Tableau has been making waves lately. I wonder what sort of projects I can come up with as well. Cheers!

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