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Feng Shui checklist when buying a house (Data Science?)

This post is largely related to the original post titled "Feng Shui checklist when buying a house" from PropertyInvestSG.

Feng Shui? Data Science? How are these two correlated? Are you sure something like Feng Shui should be appearing on a Data Science blog? Isn't Feng Shui a superstitious topic which has no correlation to Data Science?

In Data Science Investor, we aim to provide new perspectives and are open to be discussing topics that "do not seem" to fit well with the topic of Data Science. I personally believe in going beyond the conventional approach and even explore superstitious topics. Who knows? Maybe some superstitious topics could be scientific in nature?

Turns out I am not wrong.

Feng Shui ( known as Wind and Water) is essentially a kind of complexity science on its own. Feng Shui is largely related to The Eight Trigrams, which is then based on yin/yang. And yin/yang is essentially binary in nature with yin representing 0 and yang representing 1 in binary code). Ahhh, some scientific stuff there isn't it?


In the past, Feng Shui is largely used as a mean to interpret/understand/predict complex and random events that seems to be well beyond the control of human. Such complex and random events are also known as chaos. An example of this will be the numerous floods which ravaged through ancient China. In a bid of flood control, Feng Shui is then applied to help our ancestors better combat the flood situation. If you are interested to do deeper into this topic, you may refer to this research paper.

Now back to the topic, what is the Feng Shui checklist you should have when buying a house? Below are some factors. Please bear in mind they are all extracted from this article in PropertyInvestSG.

Refer here for the original article from PropertyInvestSG.

Now, with these data in mind, go be a data science investor!

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