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September Portfolio Update + October promotion for moomoo powered by FUTU SG

Here's an update on the portfolio's performance.

YTD Performance

Passive Portfolio: +0.98%

Vanguard 500 Index: +15.81%

(Source: Portfolio Visualizer)

No surprises, September maintains its reputation as a bearish month in the recent years. The recent dip in the broader market has been the worst on a monthly basis since March 2020. Nasdaq fell 5.3%, Dow dropped 4.3% while S&P 500 finished September 4.8% lower.

As the broader market fell, most of my constituents in the portfolio suffer likewise. There is no slowing down of the massacre in China market as it is the third consecutive month where the broader China market is falling. In the case of September, it was Evergrande crisis that prove to be the triggering point.

Having said that, the remaining months of the year especially November and December should be good months for the stock market as per tradition. It's probably also time for the China market to have some forms of technical rebound and we should be seeing that soon.

(Source: Portfolio Visualizer)

Since February, the Vanguard 500 Index has never seen a decline until September. My portfolio slightly outperform the Vanguard 500 Index this month with a lesser decline of -4.39%. Overall, Q3 hasn't really been a good quarter for the portfolio as I'm seeing a decline Quarter on Quarter. As highlighted just now, Q4 should be a better quarter and let's see what happens.

If you are interested to know more the constituents of my portfolio, do check out my Patreon page

October Promotion for moomoo powered by FUTU SG is here!

This time round, the promotion will start on 20:00 hrs SGT 2nd Oct 2021 and end on 09:59 hrs SGT 1st Nov 2021!

If you have not registered and make your first deposit for moomoo, here are the rewards that you can be looking forward to! If your deposit is big enough, you will even receive an iPhone 13 as part of your rewards.

First Deposit Reward

【S$ 2,700 – S$ 199,999】Receive S$ 200 Stock Cash Coupon Bundle

【≥ S$ 200,000】Receive S$ 2,000 Stock Cash Coupon Bundle

First Transfer-In Reward (US & HK stocks only)

【S$ 50,000 – S$ 99,999】Receive 1 AAPL share (~S$ 195)

【S$ 100,000 – S$ 199,999】Receive 2 AAPL shares (~S$ 390)

【≥ S$ 200,000 】Receive 2 AAPL share(~S$390)+ iPhone13 (256GB,~S$ 1,469)

Besides these deposit rewards, these other benefits also applies.

180 days unlimited commission-free trading for the US, HK & SG stock market (to be activated within 90 days) once you register for a moomoo ID

Access free Lvl 2 US stock Market Data, Lvl 1 SG stock Market Data and Lvl 1 China A-Shares Market Data once you successfully open a FUTU SG Securities Account.


- Commission-free trading is not applicable for stock options, futures, and China A shares.

- Stock Cash Coupon Package will be allocated into user’s FUTU SG securities account and will be activated over a 0, 30, 60, 90 days from allocation date.

Full terms and conditions:

To sign up for a FUTU SG Securities account, please use this link.

I also do share some useful content or articles I have read in my Telegram channel. Do join the channel if you are interested.

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