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April Portfolio Update

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Here's an update on the portfolio's performance.

YTD Performance

My Portfolio: +9.68%

Vanguard 500 Index: +11.8%

(Source: Portfolio Visualizer)

This is a pretty mixed month. I was expecting the outperformance of my portfolio as compared to the index in terms of CAGR to continue this month. However, the index has a really good performance this month as you can see in the monthly breakdowns below.

(Source: Portfolio Visualizer)

In the month of April, the index delivers a staggering 5.32%. Of course, such performance will not happen every month and I still expect some pullback in the months ahead. Good thing about my portfolio performance this month is that the sharpe ratio still remains higher than the index.

Also, it's a consecutive 4 months of positive returns so far. Let's hope this positive streak continues. Owing to this streak of positive returns, the portfolio hasn't had any impactful drawdown at the moment.

If you are wondering what are the possible reasons for the slightly lesser returns of my portfolio this month, or curious about what are the constituents of my portfolio, do sign up and be a patron!

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